Become a friend of Elevyn and earn Karma Points


Elevyn Friends are folks who contribute their time, energy and money to help our cause to empower communities.

What do I get in return?

What, besides the fuzzy warm feeling of knowing that you've helped changed lives?

In truth, we value your time and effort. That's why we don't expect you to work for free. Every bit of your contribution will be noted, and we'll reward you with "Karma Points"!

Karma Points

Karma Points are a measure of a member's activity and contribution. Every action, such as participating in discussions, buying items and completing tasks are rewarded with Karma Points.

Karma Points can be used to exchange for Gift Certificates - which you can pass along to a friend, or redeem at any Elevyn store.

Tasks will be posted up in an upcoming section for Elevyn Friends. Members collect Karma Points by signing up and completing tasks within the deadline.

How you can help

1. Buy from Elevyn Stores

This is the best form of support you can show. By buying from Elevyn, you do your bit to empower communities. They make an income, and can continue to grow their business. Furthermore, each item you purchase also contributes 5% to a local Cause - which helps even more people in the community!

2. Buy a Gift Certificate

Is your friend's birthday coming up? Buy them an Elevyn Gift Certificate which they can redeem from any Elevyn store. Now you have a meaningful present that actually makes a difference!


1. Word of mouth goes a long way. Tell your friends, families and colleagues about Elevyn.

2. Have a blog? Write a post on what we do and more importantly, what your audience can do. Even better - get your blogger friends to write about us too!

3. Know of a community or NGO who can benefit from an Elevyn store? Let us know, and we'll try to get them onboard.

4. Have ties to media organizations such as magazines or newspapers? Get them to write a feature on us.


1. Fluent in multiple languages? We need your help to translate materials provided to us by the communities.

2. Beta testing. Report bugs, and give us your feedback on how we can do better.

3. Photo editing. Good photos help to sell products. We need assistance on resizing photos for the web, sharpening, cropping, and color adjustments.

4. Writing & editing. We do okay with writing, but it's not our forte. If you can do better, give us a hoot!


Individuals and corporates can provide sponsorship in the form of Elevyn Gift Certificates.

Here's how it works: Elevyn Friends get "Karma Points" everytime they complete a task. These points are exchangeable for Gift Certificates which they can redeem from any of the Elevyn shops. For example, 250 Karma Points can be exchanged for a USD 25 Gift Certificate.

Now the seller doesn't bear the cost for these discounts. This is where your sponsorship comes in! Funds from the sale of Gift Certificates go towards reimbursing sellers for the discount.

If we have enough Gift Certificates to go around, we can reward our Elevyn Friends and get a lot of things done. Sponsorship packages start from a minimum of USD 500. In return, your logo will be prominently displayed on our home page and newsletters. Please contact us for further enquiries.