About Elevyn

Elevyn (pronounced as "eleven") aims to create wealth using fair trade online stores, and to provide an innovative platform to raise money for social causes.

We focus on a double bottom line strategy, and use 2 indicators for our performance: Social Return on Investment (SROI) and Return on Investment (ROI).
Our Vision
A world of less poverty thru fair trade, because every buyer is a socially conscious one.

The Idea

The idea is simple - we want to encourage marginalized communities to improve their livelihoods by providing them access to a worldwide market via the Internet.

We do that by building a web-based platform that connects community-based sellers to a socially-conscious market. These online stores can be set up and managed by the communities themselves, and Elevyn works closely with NGOs and field partners on training, consultancy and advisory.

A portion of sales made thru the online store will fund specific Causes that support the local communities - "Raise $100 to buy books for the school", for example.

Elevyn also intends to empower communities. In existing cases, it is known that some craftmakers only pocket less than 10% of its final sales price in the market. This is a situation that Elevyn can change - and we foresee that more than 75% of the item`s sales price can go back to the producers.

How it Works