About CHA

Cambodian Handicraft Association for Landmine and Polio Disabled (CHA) provides training for disabled people to equip them with tailoring, sewing, weaving and carving skills. Besides that, they are also taught skills to start their own small business. This gives them the necessary opportunities to earn enough to meet their daily needs.

CHA has a showroom located opposite the Toul Seng Museum in Phnom Penh, CHA also has an outlet in Siem Reap. The showrooms are also the training centers. Besides training disabled persons – CHA also orders products from disabled and poor people located in the villages.

(CHA), together with the District Social Action, seeks to assist the disabled persons to integrate into society in a meaningful and dignified way. This assistance is in the form of a skill-training program and small business management. CHA builds the self-esteem of the disabled, and generates public awareness that the disabled, in fact, able.

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