How we work

Product Design and Development Services

CANDO CRAFTS CENTER provides product design and development services to indigenous community enterprise artisans. These services to those indigenous weavers and artisans to produce their traditional textiles and crafts in unique design and good quality. Trainings, learning exposures, and technical assistance are provided to community based enterprises.

Market Access Support

CANDO CRAFTS CENTER plays a critical role as market access supporter to ensure that products produced by the CBEs are marketable. Therefore, Cando crafts center directly buys their products based on agreement on fair price. And afterward, Cando crafts center supplies the community enterprises’ crafts to buyers who are willing to support their efforts for better livelihoods.

Promoting Gender Perspective and Women

Cando crafts center provides opportunities to women who have limited access to incomes generation. Enabling women to family well-being is critical for gender promotion.

Transparency and Accountability

Cando crafts center has shared with its producers and partners on the way they work and trade crafts. Constant discussion, meetings and information sharing have been made in order to inform partners and producers of fair trade practices.

Culture and environment protection

Cando crafts center helps indigenous artisans to produce their traditional crafts and textiles which preserve the values of their arts and culture. In addition, we link their crafts production and marketing to local resources and forest governance to ensure sustainability.