Brief about Krousar Thmey association

As with many other disabilities in Cambodia, deafness and blindness are strongly looked down upon and children with any disability are ostracized.

In order to fight against exclusion and encourage the acceptance of the disabled in Khmer society, Krousar Thmey progressively opened classes dedicated to deaf children in provincial public schools.
Even though a lot has been done ever-since, Krousar Thmey is still the only NGO offering structured education for deaf or blind children.

Krousar Thmey aims at:

  • Providing an access to education to disadvantaged - especially deaf or blind – children

  • Raising awareness among families and the global Cambodian population for education of these children

  • Raising awareness among local authorities in order to ensure a sustainable development for these programs.

Krousar Thmey has developed a set of tools for this education, such as the creation of the Khmer sign language, the translation of school books into sign language, etc.

It has created 2 structures:

  • Specialized Krousar Thmey schools for deaf children, which are totally dedicated to deaf children.

  • Integrated classes for deaf children, which are integrated into provincial public schools