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Soning Craft: SC019 Set Motif Tinutub 6T Inungkoling


The exotic traditional Rungus pattern called Tinutub, is used in these fashionable accessories. The lovely soft muted colors goes great against pastel and dark clothes.


Materials: High quality glass beads.
Necklace - 46cm (l), 1.5cm(w)
Bracelet - Beadwork 13cm (l), draw string 9cm (1), 1.5cm(w)
Earrings - 8.5cm (l), 2cm (w)
Weight: 40 grams

Designed by: SINOMPURU Women's group.
Made by: Aunt Inungkoling
Ethnic group: Rungus
Location: Kg Tinangol, Kudat, Sabah (Malaysia)

Read more about our beads and traditional motifs here


Product photography by: Loong Yik Hoe and Lycnx Liew

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