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Soning Craft: SC016 Gelang Ketip Talantang Hitam Vinusak Manik Rainbow Gold Nurika


This elegant bracelet is made from talantang seeds. The natural color of the seeds is rich and soft and looks exquisite arranged with glass beads.

The seeds are from a plant from a corn family and grows easily in the backyard, making it an eco-chic accessory that's sustainable.

It can be worn with casual outfits and also looks great paired with elegant dinner dresses.


Materials: Talantang seeds, glass beads.
Length: 8cm
Width: 2cm
Weight: 10 grams each.
Color: Natural dark brown

Designed by: SINOMPURU Women's group.
Made by: Aunt Nurika
Ethnic group: Rungus
Location: Kg Tinangol, Kudat, Sabah (Malaysia)

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Product photography by: Lycnx Liew and Kian Ming

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