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Soning Craft: Beads Reptiles Broochs


The Pakugandang Brooches comes in 3 different reptiles per set. The brooches are handmade using glass beads.

From left - Crocodile, Mouse, Cameleon

Read more about our beads and traditional motifs here

Size: 7cm (from head to tail)

Weight: 15 grams each

Color(s): Assorted colors

Made by: SINOMPURU Women's group

Ethnic group: Rungus

Location: Kg Tinangol, Kudat, Sabah (Malaysia)

USD 3.50 (4 in stock)

Where does the money go?

Soning Craft receives 85% (USD 2.98) of selling price (of which the maker receives USD 2.45)

Social cause receives 5% (USD 0.18) of selling price

Elevyn receives 5% (USD 0.18) of selling price

Paypal takes 5% (USD 0.18) of selling price